How to Avoid Hiring a Bad Real Estate Agent

When you’re relocating to Oakville, it is important to hire a realtor who will help you find the perfect place to call home and better acquaint you with the area. But, don’t think that you’ve found the perfect realtor and miss the red flags that indicate otherwise. Not all realtors are created the same and you shouldn’t learn this information the hard way.

So many realtors in Oakville are out there and when the right professional is aiding in your home purchase, it is easy to find the perfect place to call home. The problem is sorting through the many realtors to find one that matches your needs. When choosing, look for these red flags to ensure that you aren’t with the wrong agent.

Part-Time Realtor

If the realtor uses the job as a second income, it is best to avoid using their services. They’re probably too busy to properly handle your needs and aren’t available whenever you need their services.

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Doesn’t Ask Questions

Any good realtor will ask a series of questions that help find the perfect Oakville home for your needs. If the realtor fails to ask what you want and need in the property, continue the search. You need an agent who will work for your best interest.

Not a Local

Choose a local Oakville agent for best results when buying a property. They know the area better than a transplant and work towards your best interest. This is the agent that you need and want!


The last experience that you want when buying a home is with an unprofessional agent who loses paperwork, doesn’t return calls or emails, who shows up late to scheduled appointments, etc. If you notice any signs that indicate professionalism isn’t a top priority, continue the search.